Baby Bug Racer

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Baby Bug was always in a hurry. He couldn’t quite walk yet, but he had lots of ways to get around – he could roll across the floor or hold himself up on furniture and drag himself along. He had a little walker with buttons that made all kinds of fun noises.

But Baby Bug especially loved his little car.

His tiny feet peeked out the bottom and he could push himself along as fast as he liked.

Baby Bug wasn’t the safest of drivers, but his collisions with walls, doors and mummy and daddy’s legs only made him giggle.

When Baby Bug wanted to go REALLY fast, he would climb into his car and push himself up and down the hallway as fast as he could!

“Slow down, Baby Bug! You’ll hurt yourself!” Mummy would shout.

“Slow down, Baby Bug! You’ll break something!” Daddy would yell.

But Baby Bug never slowed down.

One day, when Baby Bug had just awoken from a particularly pleasant nap, he decided to hop into his little car and see how fast his little legs could take him.

He lined himself up with the hallway, and started to go!

Faster and faster his little legs went and the car went faster with them.

Baby Bug had never gone this fast before!

But just as he broke into the hallway at a breathtaking pace, mummy and daddy were opening the front door to greet a neighbour.

Ker-thump thump! Baby Bug bounced straight over the door step in his little car, and THWACK! knocked the neighbour into the garden!

Baby Bug was frightened, but the little car had too much speed!

Down the driveway he went and onto the footpath, with mummy, daddy and the neighbour all chasing behind.



Just as the little car reached the corner, about to roll out into the street, Baby Bug stuck out his tiny hand and caught hold of the street pole.

Around and around and around the pole he flew, his little hand gripping on for dear life!

But, just as he thought he couldn’t hold on any longer, a pair of hands reached in and snatched him out of the little car, and Baby Bug found himself wrapped tightly in mummy’s arms.

“Silly Bug!” said mummy, “this is why you shouldn’t go so fast!”

Baby Bug was just happy to be safe and sound in her arms again.


Baby Bug was always in a hurry. He especially loved his little car.

“Slow down, Baby Bug! You’ll hurt yourself! Mummy would shout.

“Slow down, Baby Bug! You’ll break something!” Daddy would yell.

And Baby Bug slowed down… a little.

Happy birthday Baby Bug!

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