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I’m short on words this week, but I wanted to share this great t-shirt, with a slogan that reminds me to always question my writing.
It’s so easy to fall into “traditional” gender roles when writing stories, and while they definitely have their place in representing society, it is also important to continually check that you are not just sticking to them out of habit.
Perhaps I overthink this issue (it’s something I’m very good at), but as a children’s writer I feel a strong sense of responsibility to make sure that my work sends out the messages that I want it to send – not least of all, that every child can be true to themselves regardless of their gender.
With every story I am looking for ways to introduce more diversity in my characters. I want my stories to be a place where all are welcome. I want to tell the stories of all people, not all at once (I don’t think I could handle that), but bit by bit, story by story.
Do you have a story that you want to tell? You can tell me right here!
xox Chrissie

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