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My oven has been broken for quite some time. I’ve kept it around because the stovetop works and it’s hard to find a gas top/electric oven combo in that size these days.
For the most part, life without a full size oven has been ok – a small tabletop convection oven does the job for most things, and the barbeque does the rest.
But baking has been one area that really hasn’t come together without an oven. The convection oven is too small for muffin trays or baking sheets, which rules out muffins, cupcakes and biscuits, plus it cooks so much faster that cakes tend to burn on the outside by the time they cook on the inside. So, in the time I have been sans-oven, I’ve largely given up on any baking endeavours.
But a couple of weeks ago we were due to have dinner with some new friends, and Mr B was keen for me to make my famous* white chocolate mudcake. The last couple of times I tried it burned on the outside, but he was adamant that it would work fine on the barbeque.
It wasn’t a smooth process – the barbeque ran out of gas pretty much straight away, then we tried the convection oven which was cooking way too fast. I was ready to pack it in and buy a cake, but Mr B insisted on giving it one last shot on the barbeque.
By this point I was so convinced that the cake was going to fail that I was worried we were going to run out of time to buy something good to take over and would have to grab something from the supermarket on the way.
But, as much as I hate to admit it, he was right. The cake turned out perfectly, our friends loved it, and I loved being able to bring them something that I made myself, rather than giving up and buying something.
The experience was a huge lesson for me, and has inspired me to take the plunge back into writing regularly, and even working on one of my existing stories to publish.
It’s hard to risk failure, or feel like you might let people down, but at the end of the day, it’s better to give something a red hot go and fail than to give up half way through.
If there’s something you love doing, or something you want to try, then go out and do it.
What’s the worst that can happen?

Xox Chrissie

*famous in my house, anyway

PS, if you want to try making the white chocolate mudcake, you can find the recipe here – it’s delicious!

4 thoughts on “This is a piece of cake

    • So far we’ve only had one success in the barbeque, and Mr took care of the bulk of it. I’ll ask him for his feedback on the process! I think the biggest thing is to try and get it to a steady temperature, which luckily ours is able to do :-)

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